Donskov Hockey Development supports players, coaches and clients by providing unparalleled instruction and services. We focus on youth development and coaching education. In a fun, competitive atmosphere, DHD breaks the game down to its fundamental components creating a solid foundation for the serious hockey player and|or coach.

Core Competencies

Knowledge | Built on quality instruction... All staff members have enjoyed successful hockey careers, more importantly, are superb instructors

Passion | Our family loves the game of hockey. It is this passion that fuels us and helps us to understand & to motivate hockey players

Dedication | Outstanding qualifications, a strong work ethic & a genuine enthusiasm for teaching hockey skills are all characteristics of the DHD team

Experience | The staff has a combined 95 years of teaching, coaching, instructing & playing experience

FUN | The most important component in any hockey player. All our camps provide our students a curriculum based on structure, competition & fun

Results | Our ™Total Skills Development Training Curriculum will make each participant a more Knowledgeable, Confident & Skilled hockey player

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The Donskov Hockey Development Method

Since 2000, Donskov Hockey Development has provided hockey players of all ages and abilities outstanding hockey training and instruction. Our staff members are passionate about your development as a hockey player and individual. For these reasons we have made it our mission to seek out and identify  best practices to teach the game of hockey.
Through our collective experience at the junior, university and professional level... as well as decades of coaching and instructing experience in the United States, Canada, and Europe... we have designed a ™Total Skills Development Training Model.
At DHD, our primary responsibility is to ensure that we provide our young athletes an environment conducive to learning, skills development, and FUN. An environment with the very core of its mission centered around SKILLS DEVELOPMENT.  

What the experts have found...

Experts from Hockey Canada compiled the following data with regard to a youth hockey (60-minute) practice and game.

Game Numbers

| Players will have the puck on their stick for an average of 8 seconds a game

| Players will average 1 to 2 shots per game

| Players will take an average of 18 shifts per game

Practice Numbers

| 1 efficient practice will give a player more skill development than 11 games collectively

| In a 60 min practice, a player will have the puck on his/her stick for approx. 8-12 minutes

| Each player will take a minimum of 30 shots on net

These numbers clearly indicate that practice is where development takes place. If we extrapolate the above statistics, during a 20–game 20–practice season (1:1 game/practice ratio) the best player on the team only controls the puck for 2.67 minutes during the entire season. Conversely, during practice (entire year), EVERY player on the team would have the puck on his or her stick for 4 hours during the year.
These numbers, coupled with the fact that there are too many youth hockey organizations with poor development models, unqualified coaches, and lack of focus on fundamental skills prompted DHD to create a ™Total Skills Development Training Model. Our model is based on experience, scientific data and results.
Our instructors are constantly on top of the changing trends in hockey. Through many years of experience, hard work, attention detail and a passion for the game, we have put together a curriculum specific to your age and skill level. The first half of every ice session is devoted to fundamental skill development (technical skills and individual tactics). By isolating specific movements, we break down these fundamentals creating a solid foundation for any hockey player, mite through pro. During the second half of every ice session the more tactical aspects of the game are covered. Initially, the focus is on more complex individual tactics, but as the week progresses, more in–depth team tactics and concepts are discussed.

Our Teaching Curriculum Includes:

Focus on Fundamentals | Skating, puck handling, passing, & shooting are the foundation of hockey... specifically skating... all other technical skills are dependent on a player’s ability to skate
Small Area Games | Enhance skill training through confined areas, spaces & situations
European Training | Progressive drill sequences, overspeed & resistance training, functional exercises
Team Competitions | games & activities that challenge & push our students outside of their comfort zone
High Intensity Scrimmages | Apply concepts learned in controlled game situations & scrimmages
Dryland Training | We follow an Integrated Training Continuum focusing on stabilization, strength & power.  DHD is proud to partner with Donskov Strength & Conditioning, Inc. enabling our team to deliver exceptional off-ice programs
Lectures | Qualified guest speakers & professionals who are experts in their field share their knowledge & experience with our participants
Repetition | Perfect practice makes permanent & repetition is the mother of mastery.
Qualified Staff | To view bios of all our staff members Click Here 
Low Student : Instructor Ratio | Small group sizes allow us to effectively teach & motivate your son/daughter
FUN | We believe FUN is the most important component in any hockey player... All DHD camps provide students a curriculum based on structure, competition & fun

Note: The progression, complexity, and speed of our practice plans are dependent on the age and skill level of our participants. 

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