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“Misha Donskov has served on my coaching staff as an advanced pro scout. Misha’s responsibilities included the development, preparation, and analysis of game and player reports for my staff and team. Additionally, I have selected Misha as a Lead Instructor at my youth hockey camps and coaching clinics within metro Atlanta. Misha is an extremely knowledgeable, dedicated, organized, and passionate hockey instructor and coach. His intense focus on details, education, positive attitude, and work ethic uniquely qualifies him as a hockey professional. I am confident that your experience with Misha Donskov and Donskov Hockey Development will make you a more knowledgeable, confident, and skilled hockey player.”

Bob Hartley
Former Head Coach, Colorado Avalanche, NHL 2001 Stanley Cup Champions 

"The Atlanta Thrashers have had the good fortune of working closely with Misha Donskov for a number of years and in a variety of capacities. He has worked diligently as a leader with our Hockey Development staff, helping grow the sport of hockey in the area, and at various times assisted our coaching staff with special assignments. He has proven to be a passionate teacher of the game, a tireless ambassador of hockey in the Atlanta-area and overall a high-character person. He is extremely knowledgeable, always professional and exemplifies what teaching hockey and being a coach is all about."

Don Waddell
President, Carolina Hurricanes, NHL
Former General Manager U.S. Olympic Men's Ice Hockey Team

"Misha Donskov is one of the bright, young teachers of the game of hockey in our country today. He uniquely combines passion for the game, and in depth knowledge of the sport with outstanding organizational and teaching skills. Misha has coached and taught at every level, from Learn To Skate Programs to Professional hockey. Misha Donskov is an invaluable resource for the growth and development of hockey in our country. As a hockey playing nation, the USA needs more dedicated and caring coaches/teachers the likes of Misha Donskov."

Tim Taylor
Former Assistant Coach, USA Hockey, National Team Development Program
Former Head Coach, Yale University (28 years)
Former Head Coach, 1994 U.S. Olympic Men's Ice Hockey Team

 “Misha Donskov is one of the most passionate, committed and organized coach/instructors in the game today. His preparation and commitment in developing the individual and the athlete is unparalleled in the game of hockey. The DHD instructors are on top of the changing trends in hockey, with many years of experience, hard work, attention to the finest details, and a passion for the game. They will put together very organized, efficient and effective Practice Plans to develop the broad base fundamental skills specific to age and skill level that are necessary to play the game of hockey at a high level. I'm confident that your experience with Donskov Hockey Development will make you a better player!”

Jim Johnson
Assistant Coach, Edmonton Oilers, NHL

 “Misha has worked with my son Clark as a team coach and also in a private lesson situation over a two-year period. I found him to be an outstanding teacher of the game. The players have learned from him and the improvement was tremendous. He is an excellent teacher of hockey skills and a better person. I would recommend Misha to parents and young players as a sure way to improve your game.”  

Doug MacLean
Former President, General Manager & Head Coach, Columbus Blue Jackets, NHL

“Misha Donskov has been a Lead Instructor with the Atlanta Thrashers Hockey Development Team for the past four seasons. Misha embodies the professionalism and dedication required to be a superior instructor in the sport of hockey. His energetic approach inspires, motivates and challenges students and fellow instructors alike. It has been our good fortune to have such a dynamic role model be a part of the Thrashers Hockey Development Team and with Misha intimately involved with Donskov Hockey Development, I would recommend their programs to anyone.”

Darren Eliot
Little Caesars Program Director
Former NHL Goaltender

“I have really enjoyed getting to know and work with Misha Donskov over the past few years. His passion for the game is second to none and his ability to transfer his knowledge to the ice in a practice or teaching setting is a real benefit to young hockey players that want to improve and take that next step.”


Jeff Odgers
Former Atlanta Thrashers Captain & 12 year NHL veteran
Recipient of the NHL’s King Clancy Award & Bill Masterson Trophy

“The Donskov family provides a passion and dedication to Hockey Development that is unparalleled by any other hockey school. Add to that the combination of multiple generations of on and off ice experiences, cutting edge technology and the undeniable 'love of the game' and you no doubt have a recipe for success. Working with and learning from the Donskovs is an opportunity that should not be missed.”
Jill White
Manager, Development Programs, Alliance Hockey, Canada
“I have had the honor to play and work as an instructor with Misha Donskov during my stay in the United States and home in Sweden. Misha has a passion for hockey and is a great instructor who truly understands how to effectively teach the game. I would recommend DHD to anyone serious about improving their hockey skills.”


Petri Suomela
Hockey Director/Head Coach, Bålsta Hockey Club

"My son attended DHD last summer and he had a great experience. We live in Minnesota and have access to lots of ice time and lots of coaches, but I haven't met many who combine the knowledge and passion of the Donskov brothers. Their enthusiasm for the game is contagious, and it makes learning and enjoying the game that much easier. The entire Donskov family are helpful, sincere hockey folks who take an interest in the campers well beyond the time they spend on the ice. They are very giving of their time, energy, and hockey insight. I'd highly recommend DHD to any young hockey player seeking to improve their game and to have a lot of fun at the same time."

Dr. Mitch Kanter
Founder, Mitch Kanter Health and Nutrition Insights
Sports Nutritionist and Physical Performance Health Expert, Wayzata, Minnesota

“Donskov Hockey Development is a great experience for kids not only in developing their hockey skills, but also in developing as people and future leaders in life. The Donskov family is a passionate group that creates the type of fun learning environment that will benefit any young athlete.”


Mike Dawson, Hockey Canada
Former Coordinator, Development, Atlantic Regional Centre

“When Misha played hockey in Norway he was also the Head Coach for our youngest son Petter. His passion for hockey and his ability to teach the game to the players is simply outstanding. As a family, we traveled over the Atlantic Ocean to have our two sons participate in their hockey school. They learned a lot and the whole clinic was #1 – the best! The Donskov family is extremely organized and prepared for the week, both on and off the ice. Your kids will have fun, be challenged, and receive the highest quality hockey instruction available. We also had some unforgettable summer days together with the Donskov family. We enthusiastically recommend DHD to any individual serious about improving their game!”

Unni and Robert Lie
IK Comet Hockey Club, Halden, Norway

“The Donskov family is preparing to translate four lifetimes in hockey into their annual DHD which has quickly become one of the most respected in the nation.”

SNP, Sports (July 20, 2005)

Donskovs & DHD Hockey,
“Over the past several years, I have witnessed hundreds of hockey instructors through camps, organized youth programs, and private lessons. I have also observed the development of over 400 children, adolescents, and young adults. Without question, the Donskov family’s methodology represents the most elite and effective training system that I have ever seen.
As a unit, their collective professional and collegiate playing experience truly stands out. Additionally, years of international experience, intense research, and formalized education uniquely qualify them as instructors. However, their values and the emphasis on individual development set them apart from other schools. Beyond technical qualifications and proven results, their passion for the sport truly stands out. They transfer years of theory and advanced concepts into tangible results. Simply put, they “get it.”
The family’s commitment to hockey and the development of young people manifests itself in countless hours of volunteer work and contributions to the international hockey community. I have personally seen the fruits of their labor. They have individually and collectively made lifelong impressions in their students. The Donskov system dramatically improves players’ chances of competing at an elite level. GO DHD HOCKEY!“

Jeff Christian
President, Beacon Recruiting & Consulting, LLC.
Founder, Columbus Ice Hockey Club and former Director, Ice Hockey in Harlem

"I know the Donskov family on a professional and personal level. They are humble yet serious advocates of the game of hockey. They take personal care with each participant to ensure individual success. Lessons are learned on and off the ice. Students become not only better hockey players but, more importantly, better team players. It is inspiring to see an entire family work so well together and be so passionate and committed to their students and hockey development. If you want to take your game to another level, attend DHD. You will not be disappointed. These guys know hockey!"

Kenn Nilsson
Head Instructor, Strömstad Lions Hockey Club, Strömstad, Sweden

"I am the Program Director for the Columbus Ice Hockey Club, the official NHL Diversity Program of the Columbus Blue Jackets. I co-founded the club with Jeff Christian in the summer of 1999 to help provide underprivileged children the opportunity to participate in the sport of hockey. I've known the Donskov family personally for 8 years. Misha and Anthony have both held the Head Instructor position for our club during the past 6 years. Paul has been instrumental in helping our program grow over this time with his vast knowledge of hockey. Debbie is by far the most dedicated hockey mom I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Matthew has helped our program participants the past couple of years. Our program has had the opportunity to have several of our players attend DHD. Darryl Mason, who was the 2002 Willie O'Ree All Star and is currently the Co-Captain at St. Charles High School. Ian Smith, who was the 2003 Willie O'Ree All Star and is currently the Co-Captain of the Northeast Storm. Mychal McGrapth, who was the 2004 Willie O'Ree All Star and current team member for the Northeast Storm. Ahmad Kalash who is currently a team member for the Westerville South High School. Alyssa Smith who is currently a team member for Pickerington High School. All of these individuals have gone through the most intense, challenging, and FUN hockey camp in the USA. The Donskov family prepares individuals to not only improve their hockey skills but life skills as well. As a coach for the past 30 years I've come to realize that the only way to challenge our youth today and to make them work as hard as they possibly can is to make every drill and exercise fun so they don't burn out or hate what they are involved in. The Donskovs get this concept. They work the players and challenge them to their limits all while making sure that everyone has FUN. It should be rather obvious that what I am trying to say is that I personally have never met a more dedicated family who truly cares about the individual's well being not just their improved hockey skills. It is with great honor and enthusiasm that I recommend and can say without reservation that DHD is the best in the nation."

John M. Haferman
Program Director, Columbus Ice Hockey Club
Member, National Hockey League® Diversity™

"What better model could you have for a hockey school? Experience, Passion, and Family; if that doesn't reflect the essence of what hockey truly is then I'm afraid you've missed the point. If you believe in genuine player development from genuine and highly knowledgeable coaches, then you cannot miss the DHD opportunity and experience. Nowhere will you find such intensity and integrity both on and off the ice. With over 10 years of instructional experience, I have seen every "bell and whistle" used to market player development. If you want your kid to seriously develop within a program driven by the purity and heart of what hockey is all about and with undeniable results, let the Donskovs share the game with you."

Jamie Bradford
Assistant Coach, Davenport University
Professional Power Skating Instructor & Coach

"Bob McCaig says DHD not only improves the participants skills in hockey by teaching the basic "FUN"damentals for the game but making sure that they include life skills by improving their character and continue to build their self-esteem. The family realizes hockey is only part of the child's life and with their passion to see each participant be successful in both life and hockey skills, I believe that their camps are one of the very few that spend time on those major areas. REMEMBER: KID'S DON'T CARE HOW MUCH YOU KNOW UNTIL THEY KNOW HOW MUCH YOU CARE. This is why I am impressed with DHD."

Bob McCaig
Former USA Hockey Coach-In-Chief

"Misha not only has a terrific rapport with kids, but possesses a wealth of hockey knowledge. I was equally impressed with his ability to teach basic technical skills and concepts to very young players and his strategic and tactical analysis of my own team at the junior level."


Jean Alain Schneider
Head Coach, Atlanta Knights Junior Hockey Club
Former Professional Hockey Player & GM


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