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Through our collective experience at the junior, university, and professional level, as well as decades of coaching and instructing experience in the United States, Canada, and Europe, we have designed a ™Total Skills Development Training Model (TSD). Below, we have provided a sample curriculum of a typical on-ice session. Following the example practice curriculum, you will find additional camp details and registration information re: our High Performance Hockey.

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Part 1 | Fundamental Skill Development | Technical Skills & Individual Tactics
Instructional Focus ⇒ Objectives & Intended Outcome
DHD Warm Up ⇒ dynamic warm-up w/ a focus on skating (edge control, balance, agility, mobility & transition).  Up-tempo progressions designed to raise core body temperature & provide the foundation for the ™TSD Sequence |

™TSD | Technical Skills & Individual Tactics ⇒ skating, puck handling, passing & shooting are the fundamental skills required to play the game of hockey.  Our ™TSD Sequence will isolate these skills by breaking them down into component pieces.  Starting with the most essential technical hockey skill, skating, our staff will work w/ our students creating a solid foundation for any hockey player, mite through pro |
Part 2 | Drill Sequences: Technical Skills | Individual Tactics | Team Concepts & Tactics | SM Area Games & Team Comp.
Instructional Focus ⇒ Objectives & Intended Outcome
High Tempo Flow ⇒ drill progressions specifically designed to develop technical skills, individual tactics, team tactics & concepts...  Infused with High Speed, High Intensity, and High Energy, these drills are all game like, challenging & fun |

Multi-Tasking | Tech Skills | Individual & Team Tactics | SM Area Games ⇒  participants are divided into groups & train at specific stations.  Each station will include a multi-tasking drill & progression (ex. puck protection and individual battles, puck support, timing, etc.).  All multi-tasking drills will have a core focus on skating, puckhandling, passing & shooting |

Small Area Games & Team Competitions⇒ team play & concepts using high tempo drills for a short duration with a high number of repetitions.  Players are forced to use time and space, read & react, work on fundamental skills, make appropriate decisions with & without the puck.  Challenging, competitive & fun -- confined skills development training replicates a real game scenario |
High Speed | High Intensity | High Energy | High Performance Hockey Camps
Each DHD camp is designed using a progression format. We feel this format is critical in the development of all hockey players. The first half of every ice session is devoted to fundamental skill development (technical skills and individual tactics). By isolating specific movements, we break down these fundamentals creating a solid foundation for any hockey player, mite through pro. During the second half of every ice session the more tactical aspects of the game are covered. Initially, the focus is on more complex individual tactics, but as the week progresses, more in–depth team tactics and concepts are discussed. 

| The progression, complexity, and speed of our practice plans are dependent on the age and skill level of our participants

| The above sample outline of a typical on-ice day assumes a two hour session in our summer camps

| We strive to design our curriculum and practice plans around keeping our goaltenders active and engaged in all training sessions

As part of our integrated ™TSD training curriculum, our participants are divided into two teams during the course of our week-long camp. During the week, teams compete in skills competitions, small area games, relay races, high intensity scrimmages and dryland training. However, no other event or game creates as much intensity, energy, passion and excitement as The "OV" Cup. On the last day of each DHD camp participants play for the prestigious "OV" Cup. The "OV" Cup is regarded as a prized piece of hardware and serves as extra incentive and 'bragging rights' to those who are fortunate enough to win it. Each winning team hoists the cup followed by team pictures, a victory lap and time in the dressing room with players|parents.


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