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Hockey is an extremely demanding sport utilizing speed, power and strength. In order to properly train, the serious hockey player must focus on attaining these qualities. At DHD, we follow a progressive approach in order to build the "complete" athlete. The progression, complexity and speed of our off-ice training programs are dependent on the age and skill level of our participants.
DHD is proud to partner with Donskov Strength and Conditioning, Inc. enabling our team to deliver exceptional dryland and off-ice programs.  DSC provides a closely monitored program focusing on functional strength training in a competitive atmosphere. Programs are focused on flexibility, speed, power, strength and anaerobic conditioning. DSC takes an integrated, systemic approach to providing unparalleled athletic development training. Workouts include technique coaching, accountability, and RESULTS 
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Sport Performance Programs:

Train like the pros! A close attention to technique is monitored and progressive overload is applied. Donskov Strength & Conditioning Programs are offered in a 2, 3 & 4 Day Format. Program components include:

Flexibility: foam rolling, static stretching & dynamic flexibility

| Movement Prep: corrective exercise & mobility -- full range of motion and movement proficiency

| Speed: sprint mechanics, change of direction, acceleration & deceleration

| Power: linear/lateral plyometric, Olympic lifting

| Strength: multi-joint movements, accommodating resistance & progressive overload

| Energy Systems: sports specific conditioning

| Nutritional Guidelines: tips & nutritional information

Minnesota Wild National Hockey League Strength Coach Comments...

"I have had the opportunity to know Anthony Donskov for the last 2 years. During that time I have been really impressed with his passion for Strength & Conditioning. His energy and enthusiasm combined with his relentless work ethic is top notch. If you are an athlete in the Columbus area, I highly recommend Donskov Strength & Conditioning for all of your training."

Sean Skahan
National Hockey League Strength & Conditioning Coach
Minnesota Wild
Co-Owner |

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Donskov Hockey Development has been recognized throughout the world as a leader in hockey training and instruction. Our staff members have decades of international experience as players, teachers, instructors, and coaches..  Read more...

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