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“I had the privilege of spending a year on the Ottawa 67's with Misha as one of my coaches – and also had the privilege to be involved in a number of Hockey Canada events with him.  Misha is a great coach to be involved with and have the chance to learn from.  He is advanced with both his hockey knowledge and skills to develop players.  Misha is also a great person and brings a great atmosphere when walking into the rink everyday.  Misha is always there for every one of his players and is willing to help with anything.  I have had a great experience with Misha as my coach.”
Travis Konecny | Philadelphia Flyers, NHL

"I had the pleasure of working with Misha Donskov while playing in Ottawa with the 67's.  During my time in Ottawa under Mish, I learned many details about the game that previously hadn’t been brought to my attention.  To this day, Mish is one of the more dedicated, passionate, and inspiring coaches I had the opportunity to work with.  Whether it was putting together video for his players or being there for one of the boys for an off ice issue – you knew Mish would always be there as a shoulder to lean on.  As a leader on the team, I had an opportunity to develop a great player/coach relationship with Mish and built a friendship as well.  For me it's his love for the game that makes him excel at what he does.  Another thing I admired was his positive mentality and the atmosphere he developed in our dressing room.  The team had a tough year but Mish always believed in us and if there was one person who wasn't going to give up on his boys…it was him.  He is very professional with the way he conducts himself.  Working with Mish was truly an honour."
Joe Blandisi | New Jersey Devils, NHL

"Professional, passionate, enthusiastic, dedicated and always positive... are just a few words that come to mind when describing Misha.  If you have a passion for hockey, Misha will provide you with the development training you will need to reach the next level.  Misha played a very important role in my development supporting me to fulfill my dream to become a professional hockey player.  Misha was instrumental in helping me understand and develop the defensive side of my game... which was critical to becoming a pro.  I highly recommend Donskov Hockey Development --- you will leave a better player."
Josh Anderson | Columbus Blue Jackets, NHL

I worked with Misha in my first year as a member of the London Knights and he has been extremely helpful in my development as a hockey player.  He has many different drills and exercises that have helped me develop as a hockey player. I really wanted to learn the defensive side of the game so he helped teach me how to play on the defensive side of the puck, and it has helped develop me into the player I am today.  Misha is not only an incredible hockey instructor, but a wonderful person who is truly committed to his players success. He will do everything to get the most out of his players and push them to reach their potential. Misha is a great person and I would recommend him to anyone looking to take their game to the next level.

Bo Horvat | Vancouver Canucks, NHL

"Misha understands the game well & he knows what it takes to play at a high level.  His hard working mentality shows in practice everyday where he keeps pushing you to challenging yourself.  Working with Misha made me a much better player & a better athlete.  I want to thank Misha for all his help... without which, I would not have played my first NHL game."

Olli Maatta | Pittsburgh Penguins, NHL

"Misha is an extremely positive person that is constantly trying to find ways to improve every aspect of your game.  His passion for the sport of hockey & enthusiastic personality make him extremely approachable with any situation.  Mish is a great hockey mind & played a huge role in developing me both as a player & a person."

Max Domi | Arizona Cyotes, NHL

"Misha was the Associate Coach of my team last season in Ottawa.  He is very passionate about the game & is always trying to make his players better.  I loved working with Mish because he is serious & extremely professional.  He would help push the pace every practice.  One of the biggest things with Mish is his ability to learn players weaknesses & focus on how to improve those areas with the players.  He would pull guys aside & do one on one stuff whether it was drills or video sessions.  He's got some much knowledge & knows so many drills that he can help you in different areas of your game such as: quick feet, quick release, edges, stick handling & so many different game situation drills to allow you to excel come game time.  I benefited so much being able to have Coach Mish in Ottawa.  He is a man of his word & is a very respected person."

Sean Monahan | Calgary Flames, NHL

 "I had the luxury of working with Misha Donskov for half a season when I played with the Ottawa 67's  He is a great guy with a passion for hockey & dedicates a lot of time for us. He excels at teaching the fundamentals of hockey at a very high level.  I learned a lot from him in a short period of time & I would recommend the DHD to anyone looking to excel in hockey.  Not only does he know his stuff on the ice, but knows what it takes to become a professional hockey player off the ice.  He has helped me develop greatly as a player & person & is a key individual in helping me get where I am today. Consider yourself lucky if you get a chance to work with him & listen to what he has to tell you...he can help you become a pro."

Cody Ceci | Ottawa Senators, NHL

“The 2010 season was a great one with all the coaching staff and management around -- so many mentors such as Mish to help out with all the fundamentals of the game of hockey.  We were one of the better teams in the league mainly because the coaching staff was always prepared and always thought 2 steps ahead of the other team.  I learned the patience and all the fine details of the game of hockey."

Nazem Kadri | Toronto Maple Leafs, NHL 

"Every hockey player wants to get to the next level - & they want to get there as quickly as possible.  Mish is extremely knowledgeable about the game & understands what it takes to get better & ultimately reach your goals as a hockey player.  Mish is a great coach with a hunger to get better & win! In my personal & professional exerpience with Mish - I benefited from him greatly."

Kyle Platzer | 4th Round Draft Pic Edmonton Oilers, NHL

“The past two seasons working with Misha has been an amazing learning experience. Misha's technical expertise has allowed me to elevate my game to levels that two years ago seemed unthinkable.  He is always happy to stay after practice to work with me one on one both on and off ice.  It always amazes me how professional he is as a coach and as a person.  Misha's willingness to share his NHL experience is invaluable and has greatly contributed to my overall development. Thanks Misher!”

Reid McNeill | 6th Round Draft Pic Pittsburgh Penguins, NHL

“After I sustained an injury in the OHL, Misha was a class act when it came to assisting me towards a return.  He demonstrated a genuine interest in my recovery and my development as a player -- as he did with other members of the London Knights.  His positivity and knowledge of the game are second to none. Every time I was on the ice with Misha, I was constantly impressed with his professionalism, as well as his enthusiasm and interest in day to day development and improvement.  High quality instruction and know how made him a pleasure to work with.  Meeting Misha's brother, Anthony, also displayed how classy the family truly is.  The Donskovs have a passion for the game of hockey and the development of hockey players.  I have a lot of respect for the family and the work they do speaks for itself.”

Kyle DeCoste | 5th Round Draft Pic, Tampa Bay Lightning, NHL | 5 year OHL Player

“I've known Misha Donskov for one year but I've learned so much from him and I gained a huge amount of respect for him.  He devotes himself to every player giving them one-on-one attention in order to help them reach there whole potential.  He's a dedicated, hardworking, organized coach that always stays positive.  Misha is genuine on and off the ice and gives you great advice.  I truly enjoy working with him and listening to what he has to say.”

Vladislav Namestnikov | Tampa Bay Lightning, NHL


“Misha Donskov has played a major role in my development with the London Knights.  His experience working with pro hockey players and his knowledge for the game has benefited me greatly.  The attention to detail and the personalized skill work on and off the ice has made me a better player and has given me confidence in my game.  I have learned new ways to approach off-ice training and taken my game on the ice to the next level because of working with Misha Donskov.”

Jared Tinordi | Arizona Coyotes, NHL

“I worked with Misha Donskov while I was a member of the London Knights of the Ontario Hockey League.  Mish helped me develop all aspects of my game.  He helped me become an effective two way hockey player.  With the help of Mish, I was counted on to play against the top players in the OHL on a nightly basis.  He went out of his way to get me extra video, he showed me clips of each game and what I can do in every situation to make me better.  He would take the time after practice to talk to me and show me the things I needed to work on, and if I ever felt I needed to work on something more, he would keep working with me until I corrected the problem.  Mish didn't just help me on the ice, he was always there for me and all of the guys on the team when we had an off ice problem or just needed someone to talk to.  Misha Donskov helped make me the player and the person I am today.  I am more than confident that by working with Misha Donskov, he will help make you the player and the person you want to be moving forward in your hockey career and life.”

Chris DeSousa | St. Louis Blues Camp Invite | London Knigths OHL


“I have had the opportunity to work with Misha throughout my 2 seasons with the London Knights of the Ontario Hockey League.  Misha has great knowledge of the game and has helped me step up my game to a higher level – ultimately towards my goal of signing an NHL contract.  Misha knows what it takes on and off the ice to improve your fitness and your level of play.  It was a pleasure to work with Misha, and I am forever thankful for his dedication to developing me as a person and a hockey player.”

Michael D’Orazio | San Jose Sharks Camp Invite | 5 year OHL Player

“Working with Misha over the past two years as a member of the London Knights has been extremely helpful in my development as a hockey player.  He has many unique drills and exercises that translate into today’s changing game.  Misha is not only an incredible hockey instructor, but a wonderful person who is truly committed to his players.  His experience working with professional hockey players and other elite athletes allows him to develop his students to their fullest potential.  Misha is a great person and I would recommend him to anyone looking to take their game to the next level.”

Scott Harrington | Columbus Blue Jackets, NHL

“Playing and learning from Misha has been a pleasure I can not explain.  Incredible modern hockey sense mixed in with full passion for the game.  I couldn't be more honoured to have learned on a daily basis from Misha.”

Dylan MacEachern | Brock University, CIS | Former OHL

“I've played for the London Knights for the past 3 years in which Mish has been apart of the coaching staff.  Over this period of time, I’ve developed a relationship with Mish and he has assisted me and my progress as more of a complete hockey player.  He has been a mentor to me as well as the younger guys coming into the Ontario Hockey League.  Coach Donskov has the knowledge and communication skills  that have assisted players into making it to the next level.  I’ve learned a lot through Mish and I enjoy coming to the rink everyday to work with him.”

Jared Knight | 2nd Round Draft Pic Boston Bruins, NHL

“Working with Misha has been a great experience and opportunity; he knows what he is talking about.  For me personally, he helped improve my puck skills and made my shot harder.  He will always be there if you are looking for improvement on your game.  Misha is a great friend, and a great coach.  If there ever is a chance to work with Misha...take the opportunity!”

Steve Sanza | London Knights Captain (2010/2011), OHL


“Mish is a great coach that I learned a lot from.  He is a great friend who connected well with all of the players and helped me through an injury one on one with his patience.  I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to have worked with him and I know that anyone who works with Misha will benefit -- tremendously!

Daniel Erlich | EC Red Bull Hockey Club| Salzburg, Austria

“I've had the great opportunity of working with Misha Donskov since he came to the London Knights organization two years ago.  Misha is very dedicated in helping players improve their game so they can advance to the next level.  He is a very dedicated coach that brings excitement to the team which allows players to feel very comfortable around him.  Misha is a very unique individual, and I've gained so much respect for him on and off the ice in such little time of knowing him.”

Seth Griffith | Florida Panthers, NHL

“This past season I had the opportunity to play with the London Knights, and be mentored by Assistant Coach, Misha Donskov. Throughout the season, Misha always ran our practices with a variance of drills -- skills, flow, systems, and special teams. He is always very straight forward with everyone. Tells you when your are doing things right, and lets you know when you are doing it wrong. If you're ever having trouble figuring out a certain thing on the ice, Misha will always help you one on one until you fully understand. As a skills coach, systems coach, and off ice trainer, Misha has been one of the best coaches I have ever worked with and I have learned most of what I know and bring to the game now because of him.”

Tyler Ferry | London Knights, OHL

“After being traded to London in mid-season, Coach Donskov made my transition to the Knights smooth and seamless. His effective coaching and teaching techniques helped me understand our team systems quickly, allowing me to get off to a fast start with the hockey club.  He has a great knowledge of the technical aspects of hockey which he willingly shared with me.  I am better prepared to get my game to the next level as a result of his coaching.”

Greg McKegg | Florida Panthers, NHL

“Throughout my career I have had many coaches, and Misha is one I won't forget.  On and off the ice he is a guy that helped me in every aspect.  He is very knowledgeable in all aspects of the game, very approachable no matter what the situation, and a great hockey mind.  From skill development to systems he was great to learn from.  It was my pleasure to work with Misha.”

Austin Watson | Nashville Predators, NHL

“For the two years I worked with Misha Donskov, he helped me develop my on-ice skills such as: improving my shot, saucer passes, working on skating (edges, explosiveness) and overall stick handling abilities.  Misha is a great skills coach who can find your weakness and help you improve it.  In the ups and downs of the season, Misha assisted me in dealing with adversity. I could talk to him on and off the ice on how to improve and keep getting better from game to game.  Misha is dedicated to helping his players improve their game as he puts in countless hours on the ice with players running through drills after, during and before practice to further enhance their abilities.  Misha will make time to break down game video for you to see the areas where you need to improve.  I’ve had the pleasure and benefit of working with Misha for two years and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their overall game.”

Chris Tierney | San Jose Sharks, NHL


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