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"I appreciate the passion, intensity, and top-notch instruction that you provide at DHD. Your love of hockey being passed on to a younger generation is awesome to witness. As a coach myself, I value coaches who truly care about the athletes that they work with. This is evident at DHD. You care about helping each student at your camp become not only better hockey players, but better people as well. My son has attended 5 years worth of camps and our family has valued every minute of every camp. Your family is absolutely the best in what you do and I am happy to let the hockey world know this."
Jim Collins
Head Football Coach, Saginaw Valley State University
Parent of Ryan Collins, 5 year DHD Participant

"When I told family members that I was taking my children to Ohio for a hockey camp they thought I was crazy! My response to them was, "If the rest of his family is like Misha, then my kids will have not only one of the best hockey experiences of their lives, but they will meet a family rich in passion, positive influence, discipline, respect and a love for life and hockey!" Meet the family Donskov!
DHD is indeed a school, not a camp. Throughout the week, our young athletes were tested on discipline, team work, respect for others, working hard and playing hard. They left the rink surrounded by accomplishment and exhilaration. All this fueled by incredible encouragement given to each student from the entire Donskov family. Every player was considered a "favorite." In truth, we came to DHD for the Donskovs first and for hockey second. As a parent, I walked away knowing we had just spent a week with a family like whom most of us are striving to become and that my children had "the most fun ever" while learning life-long lessons. My children walked away grinning ear to ear and saying, "Mom, we really love hockey"! See you next year!"

Clare Martin
Parent of Sean & Brighid Martin, Atlanta, GA
1st year DHD Participants

"Simply stated, this was the best hockey camp that our son, Matthew, has participated in. And that's saying a lot given that over the last nine years he has attended premier hockey camps in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Clearly, the difference lies in the high level of professionalism, enthusiasm and quality of instruction that the Donskov family brings to the ice. Their solid knowledge of the game coupled with their highly impactful "Total Skills Development Training Model" ensures that each and every participant is focused on improving the skills most critical to their success. What's more, the Donskov's unique "flexxCOACH" practice planner maximizes ice time, ensuring a high level of intensity and allowing each participant the greatest opportunity to hone their individual skills. As parents, it has been great to observe Matthew's improved play on the ice. And from Matthew's perspective, he is already anticipating next year's camp."

Guy and Marlena Molde
Parents of Matthew Molde, Columbus, Ohio
1st year DHD Participant & Goaltender

"I just wanted to send you a note of thanks and to tell you what an impact you have made. This was Hunter's (aka Wilksie) first year at DHD, and it will not be his last. He has talked about the camp and what he learned over this weekend, telling his mother and friends what a great time he had, and also showing them some of the off ice drills, and stretches. This is a testament to what you are teaching. When I asked him about the camp, on our way home on Friday his reply was "the funnest time I've ever had being sweaty and sore." The other comment was "I can't wait until I can drive myself there."

Like we chatted about during the camp, you have assembled a great group of kids, from every skill level. The work ethic is amazing. There is no idle time sans the ice cuts. The players are constantly moving, the drills are fast paced, and intense. ALL of the players are engaged from the time they step on the ice until they are done. The improvement from day one is amazing.

Unlike other 'camps', you and your family get to know each player. You build a rapport with them and their parents. The players are not just a number, but a person, with individual needs. You address those needs, and take them beyond their comfort level."

Mike, Pam, Payton and Hunter Wilks
1st year DHD Participants, Dayton, Ohio

"Our son has been involved with the Donskov family for the past six years. We have found the entire Donskov family to be helpful, sincere folks, who take an interest in the kids and their respective families well beyond the time they spend on the ice or in camp. They not only shared their knowledge & love of hockey, but have also provided great examples of what commitment, honor and leadership, is all about. 
Our son has never learned so much or worked so hard at any other camp. It is by far the best and most challenging instruction, in every category, from on ice instruction, to off ice discussions, to cross training exercises, to dryland training, as well as their sports nutrition seminars. There are very few camps in the county that offer this type of experience, knowledge or depth of training, all with the opportunity to hoist the "OV" Cup at the end of the week. We highly recommend DHD to any hockey player seeking to take their game to the next level."

Scott & Cheryl Bastian
Parents of Brandon Bastian, Westerville, Ohio

"My son attended DHD last summer and he had a great experience. We live in Minnesota and have access to lots of ice time and lots of coaches, but I haven't met many who combine the knowledge and passion of the Donskov brothers. Their enthusiasm for the game is contagious, and it makes learning and enjoying the game that much easier. The entire Donskov family are helpful, sincere hockey folks who take an interest in the campers well beyond the time they spend on the ice. They are very giving of their time, energy, and hockey insight. I'd highly recommend DHD to any young hockey player seeking to improve their game and to have a lot of fun at the same time."

Dr. Mitch Kanter
Founder, Mitch Kanter Health and Nutrition Insights
Sports Nutritionist and Physical Performance Health Expert, Wayzata, Minnesota

"The Donskov family has integrated a high level of skill, execution and communication into their hockey school, which results in a program that effectively improves their students' hockey skills in a nurturing and fun environment. My son comes off the ice with a big smile on his face, and that, in the end, is most important!"

Tim Kitagawa
Parent of Kobe Kitagawa, Atlanta, GA

"Brett definitely went into tryouts with a different attitude which I am sure we can contribute partly to his experience in all did a great job in boosting his self confidence."

Carol Babcock
Parent of Brett Babcock, Edmonton, Alberta

“Our son has never learned so much or worked so hard at any other camp. DHD is by far the best and most challenging instruction, in every category, that he has ever had. You won’t find a better camp anywhere.”

Liz Ansley
Parent of Reston Ansley, 4 year DHD participant

 “Your family runs one of the best hockey schools in the country.  Your dedication and determination to develop each participant is unmatched. Thank you for a fantastic week, we’re looking forward to next year.”

Pamela S. Danko and Family

“Having had my sons in numerous different hi–profile camps in southern Ontario including Turcottes, Olsons and Canadian Hockey Academy, and having attended many in my youth – such as Howie Meekers, Yvan Cournoyers and Huron’s – I can offer the following advice: Don’t change....You have found a fantastic blend of teaching and motivating combined with relevant drill selection focusing on both simple fundamentals and more complex (and age appropriate) individual techniques. The rapport you have built with the kids and their parents has contributed to this learning atmosphere – many of the kids were obviously attempting to push themselves beyond their own limitations – arguably the most important element required to improve in any sport. Congratulations.”

JP Levesque
Parent of Damian & Dmitri Levesque, Ottawa, Ontario

“Growing up in the North East and coaching hockey for over 15 years in the South and Midwest, DHD and its team of instructors is as good as you will find anywhere in the country. At each level, the Donskov family brings expertise and passion that will make all participants better players on Friday when the school concludes than they were on Monday when they arrived. This skill and knowledge will benefit the player throughout his or her playing career.”

Todd Baker
High School Hockey Coach/Parent of participant

“Our son, Christian, has been involved with the Donskov family for over six years and has attended DHD for the past three years. The Donskovs have shared not only their love and knowledge of hockey with him but have helped him develop his skills in team commitment, leadership, and sportsmanship. These are traits and life long lessons Christian will carry with him on and off of the ice. We highly recommend DHD to anyone with a love for the game of hockey.”

Kyle & Lusam Thomas

“If you are an elite hockey player looking to elevate your game, DHD is the place to accomplish that. The Donskovs have the perfect blend of high-level drills, knowledgeable instructors, individual attention, and fun for the elite player.  It is a great camp AND a great value!”

Jane Grindley

“I have been associated with the Donskov family for many years and they have a passion for hockey. Their camps are by far the most well run I have seen. They are high energy and intensive but fun also. These camps are a must for anyone who wants to get to the next level.”

Gary Judis
Head Coach Columbus Capitals, Squirt AA 96 Team

“Our son, Josh, has attended DHD for the past four years. The high intensity ice sessions challenge and strengthen him and get him ready for high school team try outs each fall. We really like the mid week off ice session, which teaches Josh how to condition his "hockey muscles" at home. The Donskovs are a great family, and they run an impressive hockey camp - Josh will be sure to attend before college try outs next year, too.”

Rick & Tracie Dennis
Parents of Josh Dennis, 4 year DHD participant

 “There is no individual or group that has better understood or served local hockey players than DHD. The instructors, Paul (father) and his 3 sons (all former college and pro-players) have pursued a lifelong commitment to learning, playing and teaching this great game. Their international experience and perspective of the sport brings insight and fun to all their camps. Besides doing an excellent job with advanced youth players of all ages, the Donskovs realized that to build interest and enthusiasm in a sport, you have to encourage beginners of all ages. So, they introduced an Adult Camp that is for adult recreational level of players who may have played very little hockey, but who would like to take the next step and improve their fundamental game skills. I am one of those players, and the best part of my week is stepping on to the ice in full equipment! Thank you Paul, Misha, Anthony & Matt.”

Susan C. Burghes, PhD
Goalie for the Worthington Women’s Developmental Hockey League

“My son has attended many camps over the years in just about every city in the Midwest from Pittsburgh to Michigan to Denver and without question, DHD advanced Zach’s skills more than any of them. The camp is not flashy and doesn’t offer boating, camping, or fishing but it does offer hard work and skills development. All you have to do is ask the players. This camp works you hard. Bottom line, that is why you go to camp, to get better. DHD does that.”

Lex Tisdale
Parent of Zach Tisdale, 4 year DHD participant

 “The extreme passion and enthusiasm my son has for the game of hockey is fueled and fostered by the Donskov family during DHD each summer. Paul, Misha, Anthony and Matt are among my son’s all time favorite coaches. The camp combines top notch instruction and skill development with a lot of fun. DHD is the one hockey school my son refuses to miss. Thank you for another outstanding hockey camp experience!”

Jennifer Carlin
Parent of Sam Carlin, 3 time DHD participant

“We have attended DHD and other assorted clinics hosted by Misha and the Donskov family. We have also attended the likes of Kent State, OSU, and a host of other local camps. We believe that the personal attention, the skills taught, and the attention to detail make this one of the best dollar for dollar camps available. The fact that they have come to know our family by name is what further separates them from the pack.”

Todd LeVeque
Head Coach Columbus Capitals, Squirt A 96-97 Team/ Father, Brandon LeVeque

“The knowledge, skill, enthusiasm and passion for hockey the Donskov's bring to their camps is far and away the best we've experienced. They are intense and driven to ensure each player works hard, challenges themselves and improve their skills all while instilling the respect and sportsmanship that is so important to convey to the participants in youth sports. We are so grateful to this family for the invaluable lessons of dedication, commitment and perseverance they taught our sons both on and off the ice.”

Bill & Meg Spencer
Parents of Hunter and Charlie Spencer

“I have recommended DHD to many of my teammates. It is simply the best way to learn sound skating skills. Every time I attended the camp I took my game to another level!”

Helmut Berthold
Adult Participant

“Our boys have participated in DHD for the past 5 plus years and I can't imagine not sending them to future camps. The respect for the game, the attention to skill development and the organization of the sessions are second to none. More importantly, the respect the Donskovs have for each participant and each parent sets these camps apart from all the rest. Clearly the Donskovs are a premier hockey family, but it is very clear that they are a premier family first and foremost. The camps reflect that and the kids get more out of the camp because of that attitude.”

Clay & Mary Thompson
Parents of Brian & Dylan Thompson

 “The Donskov's have combined a passion for hockey and their high level hockey knowledge (on and off-ice) with their sincere desire to teach youth hockey. The end result is a 10 out of 10 hockey camp. We had given up on camps because our son was typically "lost in the shear numbers" as he typically got lost among all the other players. At DHD there is individual attention given to every player so that no one is lost in the numbers. Unlike the many national "mass camps", the Donskov's passion for hockey breeds learning and self esteem in every player. Our son, who has connected with Anthony and Paul, leaves camp with not only improved skills but with improved confidence and self esteem. All the kids look forward to returning the following year as by now they have become friends with these coaches and can't wait to play for the coveted "OV"  Challenge Cup" one more time. This camp exemplifies what a youth camp is all about. In my opinion it is the gold standard and is well worth any amount of travel to get there. Thanks Donskov family - you are lifesavers!!!”

Dr. Robert D. Whitehead
Board Certified in Sports Medicine

“A lot of people can do a satisfactory job on a given task. Passion makes the difference between doing something satisfactorily and doing that same thing exceptionally. Exceptional is what you get with the Donskov family. I attribute my son's ability to skate well to the teachings that have been passionately shared with him from the Donskovs. Because they are passionate, they understand the importance of teaching the details of becoming a better hockey player. It is in the details that players get better. At DHD, students get infected with a thirst for hockey knowledge. The thirst comes from the enthusiasm the Donskovs display genuinely for hockey. I'm thankful that we have such a great resource here in Central Ohio! ”

Greg Hall
Parent of Hodding Hall and Adult Participant

"My son has been coached by the Donskov Family since he was 4. He has been to camps in Canada and all over the Mid-West. There is not a more organized and well-run camp anywhere than DHD. The organization from check-in, to the locker-room, to the on and off-ice instruction is top-notch. No matter the skill level of the player, the entire Donskov family cares about each and every skater. They know how to motivate and teach all aspects of the game. They pull the kids out and explain how to improve and the proper technique to play the game. They emphasize fantastic on ice training, but also dryland, and how to fuel the body with proper nutrition. One can send their child anywhere to camp, but there is no need to travel far when the best camp in the US is right in our back yard. Thank you Donskov Family for all that you do for all the kids and families that take part in your camp."

Wes Kremer
Parent of Brendan Kremer, Westerville, Ohio

"Nothing else is quite like DHD. The challenging and positive environment encourages the students to do their best every time they're on the ice. Fast-paced and high energy, DHD is for players who want to improve their hockey skills, and reach for the next level. The Donskov boys -- Paul, Misha, Anthony, and Matt -- bring a contagious passion to the camp. Their love for the game and their commitment to the students are easy to see.   DHD is truly special, and has my highest recommendation."

Jeffrey Jones
Parent of Gordon Jones, Westerville, Ohio

 "DHD and Donskov approach to hockey stresses fundamental skating techniques. I have watched both my son and daughter quickly develop into explosive, dynamic skaters as a result of the Donskov system. I've also attended DHD for adult players and have also benefited greatly as a recreational player and coach. The sessions are fun, up-tempo, and challenging. DHD is a positive and productive experience for all ages and skill levels. We will be attending for years to come!"

Jeff Danby
Parent and Adult Participant, Granville, Ohio

"Our 3 boys play hockey but we have 5 children. What I have been most impressed with and why we come back, is the family team unit that is demonstrated and honored by the Donskovs. They work together, they play together and they show other families how well it can be done. They have taught our boys skills and values that go beyond hockey and that is important to me as a mother. When you walk through the door for registration, you are greeted like you are one of the family and you know that your kids are in great hands to teach and take care of them!"

Peggy Smart
Mother of 3 DHD Hockey Participants, Heath, Ohio

"Laughter, Compassion, and Motivation; not words you normally hear together in the sport of hockey. DHD is an environment that focuses not only on skills required for hockey, but character, team building and leadership. DHD is a family affair for us. My husband, daughter, son and I have a great time working on our skating techniques, stick handling and dry land training during the camps. My kids have definitely excelled on the ice and in other sports. At the end of the camp, our family looks forward to the bragging rights on whose team has won their "OV" Challenge CUP! We really enjoy the family reunion with the Donskovs during DHD and look forward to this annual event."

Kathy Rentz
Parent, Girl's Coach and Adult Participant, Newark, Ohio

"High Speed, High Intensity, High Energy, they're not kidding. Paul, Misha, Anthony, and Matt exude all of these qualities. Somehow, maybe by their smiles, hugs, affectionate nicknames, encouraging words, patience, perfectionist, fun loving & easy going attitudes, we all become better, more efficient, more confident skaters wanting more. We have known the Donskov family for many years. We started out with Paul teaching our sons in "fundamentals of hockey" class at Worthington Ice when they were just starting out in hockey. They have attended many of DHD through the years. The fun, energy and attention to detail the Donskovs show to EACH of their many students is truly a unique experience. They teach each level, every hour of every day, with the same enthusiasm as if it was their first class. Being a hockey mom for many years watching and smiling and thinking it looked like so much fun, I decided to try playing hockey myself. I have taken classes from Paul and the adult camps from "the boys". They help us adults not feel so clumsy and really encourage us. They are our biggest cheerleaders. We have so much fun on the ice while getting the BEST workout we have ever experienced. They will NOT let you skate incorrectly, but will work with you one on one until you get it right. Big Daddy Paul is the supervisor proud of all his kids he has nurtured on the ice. Misha is the leader instructing us on every drill while smiling and easing our fears. Anthony is the cheerleader and encourager extraordinaire and makes sure our intensity on and off the ice is up to par. Matt is the quiet one but the comedian. He demonstrates many of the drills and makes sure he has a funny thing or two to say about his brothers to lighten the atmosphere and keep us laughing. Debbie is the greeter and backbone of the family. She is so pleasant and puts in as many hours as the boys but doesn't get the credit she deserves. This camp is truly a worthwhile, challenging, and fun experience."

The Wallace Family
Theresa, Walt, Woody and Vaughn Wallace

"As new adult hockey players, we weren't sure what to expect with our first DHD camp. Would we be able to keep up with everyone else? Would we be crawling off the ice at the end? Misha, Matt, Anthony, and Paul made the experience challenging, informative, and fun for everyone involved -- beginners and advanced skaters alike. Not only did we experience a demanding workout and solid hockey instruction, but we also had a blast in the process. We'll definitely be back for more. Thank you!"

Chapel and Philip Presson
Adult Participants, Columbus, Ohio

"My son has worked with the Donskovs and attended DHD for several years. As a parent, it is wonderful to see the enthusiasm of all the instructors and individual attention that the players receive. The camp is intense, hard working and fun. My son has attended many levels of hockey camps around the country and DHD is top notch! The constant smiling and positive support while teaching, given by the entire family of instructors, is truly amazing. 'You've got to have heart' -- they surely do."

Joyce Schmidt
Parent of Jeremy Schmidt, Powell, Ohio

"This is a great camp for any player that wants to improve their skating skills, learn the sport of hockey and have a great time doing it. I have two kids that have been involved with DHD for three years. As a parent, I am always moved by the energy, passion and organization they bring to the sessions. As a coach, I am impressed on how they are able to routinely push the kids out of their comfort zone and force them to go to the next level, generally without the kids even knowing it. As a player I love the method of seeing the drill, learning what to focus on and then being instructed and how and where to use it in a game situation. Last year I enrolled in the adult class and not only did I learn a lot about skating and game play, I really enjoyed the three-day course! We have attended other camps and feel this camp gives the best value and highest quality instruction. We highly recommend this camp for every level of player."

Don Salyer
Parent of Alex and Tyler Salyer, Newark, Ohio

"Our family is spread out between Toronto and Ohio. I have two cousins from Toronto that played for several years in the NHL with my cousin Jeff Ware as the first round pick for the Maple Leafs almost ten years ago. So, we are a hockey family. When you talk about the Donskovs, you are talking about a family with an international reputation literally as they are known in hockey circles both in Canada and the US. We have had the good fortune of having Paul as our Director in Newark, Ohio so he has effectively been the coach for both my son Ryan and daughter Anne. He has rejuvenated our program to where we have become the model for all others. When you meet Misha, Anthony and Matt, it is clear this is a family that lives, breathes and sleeps hockey. Their collective experience, hockey acumen and professionalism is virtually unparalleled in the mid-west and certainly Ohio. My son has participated in DHD and will again. This was the best experience we have had to date in youth hockey. You get a combination of incredible hockey instruction from experts with a family with the emotional intelligence to connect individually with your child. Children know when the coaches "care" and this is an intangible the Donskovs bring that is difficult to find elsewhere. Big thumbs up to DHD from the Birgeneau family. We highly recommend it to anyone who wants to become a better hockey player and have a lot of fun doing so."

Mike Birgeneau
Parent of Ryan and Anne Birgeneau

"My son has worked with the Donskovs for more than five years at clinics, private lessons and DHD. What I like most is that DHD coaches seem to take great pride in giving individual attention to the kids. They will routinely pull kids aside to correct their mistakes in a constructive manner. I also like DHD's focus on skating fundamentals such as balance and edge work that hockey players seem to get away from during the season. I know my son loves DHD because he works his tail off and smiles the entire time. My only complaint is that DHD is offered only once a year."

Mark Damante
Parent of Marky and Brandon Damante, New Albany, Ohio

"My son and I have attended several DHD Camps the last couple years and we always look forward to coming back. Your camps are fun, challenging and non stop action with great instructors who truly care about each player. The skills focus really challenges every player, at whatever level, to move beyond where they thought they were capable. Like you, my business is built on exceptional service, results and word of mouth. I have referred numerous people to your camp - and we will continue to do so. The Donskovs are the best -- that is why we keep coming back."

Kellie Risser
Parent and Adult Participant, Powell, Ohio

"I have had the privilege and honor to work with and get to know the Donskov family over the last 5 years. My son Jake attended DHD for the last 3 years and has developed and learned about hockey, working hard, diet and nutrition, and most important the challenges and commitment to what it takes to improve while having fun. If your child or if you as an adult want to learn and understand how to be a more efficient skater and/or hockey player this camp is for you. The focus placed on skill development of every individual and the attention they give to each individual is what makes the camp great. Paul, Debbie, Misha, Anthony and Matt, the Hoffmann family thanks you for allowing us to be a part of your DHD family."

Alan F. Hoffmann
Proud Parent Jake Hoffmann
Immediate Past President, Newark Ice Hockey Association
President, Newark Sport and Event Commission

"My son has attended DHD for several years and has made this his only hockey school. The Donskov family not only provides top quality training but also teaches each player to challenge themselves to become better hockey players. It is obvious that the Donskovs not only care for the sport of hockey but also for each player. When asked which hockey school a player should attend I recommend DHD without hesitation."

Kellie Kalash
Parent of Ahmad Kalash, Westerville, Ohio

"The Donskov family puts together dynamic camps and clinics where they value and promote not only hockey skills, but also mental and physical aspects of the sport of hockey. They are an outstanding family who genuinely care about the campers and friends they make through the awesome game of hockey."

Karen Remy
Parent of Hunter Remy, Blacklick, Ohio

"The Donskov men have a great love for the game of hockey that they share with campers with intensity during camps and clinics. They have a great respect for hockey and I can only hope it rubs off on my son. Their camp is GREAT! Hunter improved tremendously during that week. There is very little unoccupied time for the kids. They are always doing drills or competing for The "OV" cup. The positive reinforcement that is given to the campers is outstanding. They make everything a fun learning experience. I hope that one day my son can follow in the hockey ways of the DONSKOVS'. I've never seen Hunter work as hard as he did at DHD. He comes off the ice worn out but is mentally ready for more. They are great hockey coaches, and we are proud to call them great family friends."

Jason Remy
Parent of Hunter Remy, Blacklick, Ohio

"As the parent of two youth hockey players, and an adult player myself, I want to say a few words about the DHD approach to hockey player development. The Donskov family has broken the code on developing better hockey players. What separates DHD program from the others we have tried is the individual relationship that Paul and his family establish with each player. This is very motivational, and inspires players to push through their level of play and make more improvement. It has been a privilege to know the Donskovs, and benefit directly from the passion they bring to developing hockey players. The bottom line is that this program provides the highest quality instruction delivered with passion and motivation. DHD will improve your game, regardless of your level."

John T. Pitcock, LTC RET United States Army
Parent and Adult Participant

"DHD is a must for anyone who wants to improve their hockey skills and have a lot of fun. My son and I both attended the camp last summer and have already scheduled our summer around next year's camp. My son is a Mite and the attention he was given by The Donskov family far surpassed my expectations. Holt's overall confidence soared and his skill development from the camp was incredible. The most important thing about DHD is that our son was able to be around such great role models as Misha, Anthony, and Matthew Donskov. Rarely in today's athletics do you find role models for your children that value an education and good sportsmanship as much as The Donskovs. If you are ready to work hard, learn from the best instructors, and have a great time then DHD is the place to be."

Ellen Schwarm
Proud Parent of Holt Schwarm and Adult Participant, Newark, Ohio

"The Donskovs love hockey and they have helped us learn the intricate aspects on this fascinating game. In short, they have taught us the fundamental skills of the game so that we can enjoy hockey at all levels. Shane started working with Paul Donskov in basic hockey lessons. He could barely stay on his feet, but Paul taught him the correct techniques. His skating skills quickly improved. He has been a regular participant in DHD since 2000. The Donskovs, especially at DHD, helped him become a much better hockey player. They took the time to get to know him as a person and worked with him accordingly. After a season ending game where the parents played the kids, Sherri started working with Paul at Worthington Ice on Saturday mornings at 6:00 am. The early morning sessions started 5 years of involvement with adult hockey. The off-ice "chalk-talks" and on-ice drills were not simple, but the Donskovs showed incredible patience and dedication during the learning process. They are experts at teaching others the important aspects of hockey. Our experience with DHD has been extremely positive. The Donskovs do a fantastic job of meeting the needs of the participants. They run a serious camp that incorporates fun activities. If you are interested in improving your hockey skills, then you should consider this camp. You will work hard, but you will have fun and benefit from your experiences at the camp."

The Hartlaub Family
Sherri, Brad, Brittany, and Shane

"Our son Cobe has been involved with Paul Donskov and DHD for 3 years now. Paul and the Donskov family have taken our son from not knowing how to skate to playing on a travel team playing "AA" hockey in Cleveland. We cannot thank Paul and his family enough for their time, attention, instruction and most of all their friendship. DHD is a tremendous camp for all levels of hockey. We have always and will continue to recommend the camp to all who'll listen."

Bob Needham
Parent of Cobe Needham, Newark, Ohio


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